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The IPS opened its doors from 25 - 28 June 2019 for the 12th time.


IPS 2017 - The Movie

IPS 2017 Review


The International Partners in Steel Fair (IPS) is the main event of 2019: Watch live demonstrations of the latest manufacturing technology, expand your knowledge with practice-oriented talks, take part in exclusive guided tours to learn about best practice. In this forward-looking sector, tomorrow‘s technologies and trends take centre stage. So at this year‘s event we will also be making space and time for sharing ideas and experiences. And not forgetting our fascinating program of fringe events, where successful, sustainable networks are created and developed at every IPS.

IPS 2019 is the market place for steel experts and presents an attractive support program enabling visitors the opportunity to network successfully:

  • Sheet metal, pipe, profile processing 
  • Handling, intra logistics
  • Separating, cutting
  • Surface treatment of metal sheets and profiles
  • Connect, welding, fastening
  • Forming
  • Tools




KDP drilling machine series

KDP is the latest, most powerful drilling machine series from KALTENBACH, which comprises four models – KDP 736, 1036 & 1336. The modern, robust machine and spindle construction is ideally suited to high-performance drilling and milling operations. The machine’s feed axis can be extended by 500 mm in the direction of material flow to enable parallel machining on all 3 drill axes simultaneously. Furthermore, the KDP can operate in parallel with the cutting process. With this level of parallelisation, production times can be cut by up to 50%. Setup times are greatly reduced thanks to the automatic tool change system with 12 tool stations per axis. With a choice of two different spindles, the KDP can be tailored to customer requirements.


KBS 1351 band saw

KBS 1351 band saw

The KBS 1351 is the latest addition to the high-performance band saw series, complementing the KBS 761 & 1051. With a maximum working range of 1330x600, the saw is ideal for cutting large, solid steel profiles. The powerful 15.9 kW drive motor allows the use of carbide saw blades to increase cutting performance by up to 30%. In addition, the optional Auto Feed Control can further boost cutting performance by up to 40%. The saw feed is equipped with ball screw and servomotor to ensure precise feed control.

Short-Piece-Gripper (SPG)

Short-Piece-Gripper (SPG)

The short-piece gripper (SPG) enables customers to automatically sort parts up to 1500 mm in length with straight and mitre cuts. The gripper is supplied as standard with one sorting position for offcuts/first cuts (max. part length 300 mm) and one sorting position for good parts (max. part length 1500 mm). An additional sorting position is optionally available (max. part length 650 mm) to provide greater flexibility. The SPG thus forms the link between the current pusher and the autosorter, making it the perfect addition to the product range.



Hypertherm has revolutionised plasma cutting technology with the new XPR. Compared with the previous HPR systems, Hypertherm has succeeded in significantly increasing the cut quality on steel, while at the same time increasing the cut speed. State-of-the-art monitoring featuring Arc Response Technology (ART) greatly extends the service life of wearing parts. In addition, concepts such as the EasyConnect torch and QuickLock electrode reduce maintenance costs.

Cutting Intelligence

Cutting Intelligence

KALTENBACH now offers customers a new technology database to help tailor the cutting process optimally to the machine, material and saw band. It takes account of the material (steel grade, material dimensions) and the saw band (bimetal/carbide, teeth spacing, width of set) to calculate the cutting speed and feed rate. This allows you to select different power levels ranging from tool-life-friendly to normal and high-performance so that you can adjust the system perfectly to suit your needs. The database is currently available in PROFICUT and will soon be available for PROFILINE as well.

Autosorter AS 1351

Autosorter AS 1351

The AS 1351 autosorter is the latest model in the autosorter series and has been designed specifically for use with our high-performance band saws. With the AS 1351 you can now define up to 3 sorting positions to achieve a significantly higher level of automation. Parts with lengths up to 2 m and widths up to 1.3 m can now be handled with ease. Paired with the new KBS 1351, the new autosorter is the perfect addition to our product range.

Drive concept

Drive concept

KALTENBACH’s drive concept incorporates a gear unit between the engine and the spindle, which brings diverse benefits. The main advantage compared with direct drive is that it gives the spindles enormous torque, which offers clear performance benefits for drilling, especially large diameter drilling. Furthermore, the fact that the speed, torque and feed ratio correspond to the manufacturer's specifications has a positive impact on tool life and performance. Another plus point is the belt drive, which effectively absorbs vibrations from machining operations and so prevents them being transmitted to the motor. This has the added benefit of substantially reducing maintenance costs. The KDP also offers customers a choice of two different spindles – one designed for high speed and the other for high torque. This allows you to select the spindle that best suits your core machining activity, be it drilling or milling.

KKS 400 U circular saw

KKS 400 U circular saw

The KKS 400 U semiautomatic mitre saw is the latest universal genius from KALTENBACH. By increasing the output of the hydraulic unit compared with the previous model, we have doubled the speed of the saw blade return. A long-stroke clamping cylinder minimises setup times and the new push-button control system makes it very easy to operate.



  • Gabriele Faßhauer

    Gabriele Faßhauer


    "We bought our first KALTENBACH-machine in 1974 and in these 40 years have been more than satisfied with it. This lifetime speaks of the high quality of the products and the knowledgeable service of the company KALTENBACH. We are sure that the KDM 1015 and the KBS 1051 DG will remain with us for as long."
  • Erdmann Rath

    Erdmann Rath

    Production Manager

    "Thanks to the KC 1201 we have achieved a very high degree of automation. For over 11 years we have high-quality machines from KALTENBACH and are very confident in the quality. Especially the impeccable service contributes to the very good and long cooperation."
  • André Buiting

    André Buiting


    "Thanks to our KALTENBACH-machines we were able to decrease our processing times and thereby significantly increase our productivity. The service is always easily accessible and always finds a solution along the lines of “nothing is impossible”."
  • Heinz Hirt

    Heinz Hirt


    "With our KALTENBACH-machine we were able to increase our productivity. The overall package of KALTENBACH is perfect and absolutely reliable."
  • Dominik Breidenbach

    Dominik Breidenbach

    "For some weeks, we have been able to run the plant in the normal manner and we are - as are our customers - very satisfied with the smooth switchover"


Convince yourself at the IPS 2019 of the company as system provider, including machinery, partnerships and international service presence.



The robust design of all KALTENBACH machines allows a long lifespan.



With over 20 partner representatives around the world and technology partnerships, KALTENBACH is showing an international presence.



KALTENBACH - a company which exists over 130 years.



A close network of national and international service partners guarantee the immediate presence of a specialist on site.


What happens behind the scenes at the leading steel suppliers? What are the latest developments and key technologies in steel processing? Answers await you within the events, demonstrations and tours of the IPS.

Opening times

25-28 June 2019
09 am – 04.30 pm


11.30 am – 14 pm

Exclusive evening program

Tue-Thu, 19 pm – 23 pm


Are you interested in being an exhibitor at IPS 2019? Please contact


These are our exhibitors 2019:

AceCad Software
Dr. Demuth
Institut Feuerverzinken
Kistler Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH
Scheffer Krantechnik
Schweizer Verband 1
Schweizer Verband 2
Schweizer Verband 3
Schweizer Verband 4
Schweizer Verband 5
SimPlan AG


People and machinery, steel and networking: Discover the attractions of the IPS 2017 in the following gallery.


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